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Welcome to TurnkeyWebmasters.

Our main mission is to provide a complete, simple, affordable "Turnkey" Business Website package for small and medium sized businesses.

The internet offers an even playing field for ALL sizes of businesses. It makes advertising capabilities available to "Mom and Pop" businesses that previously was affordable only to major corporations.

The main difference is that the major corporations have the budget, or an on-board internet staff, to handle their website requirements. But, due to a limited budget, small businesses owners either have to learn webmaster skills, or let a Junior High School relative do the webmaster job-Or miss out on potential customers!

Whether you are a small business or mega- corporation, potential customers go to your website for specific information about your service or product. They are NOT impressed by "CUTE" webpages that so many "Junior" webmasters use to dazzle the boss with their web skills. These "cute" pages also slow the downloading of webpages and frustrates potential customers.

We at TurnkeyWebmasters know and realize the needs of fast, basic, easy to navigate websites. Although our prices are the most reasonable in the "Turnkey Website" business, our quality and service is second to none.

Our Business Website packages include domain name, basic website design, webhost, maintenance, and limited updates. You get all this for a low monthly fee.

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We are here to help you promote your business.


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